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Any home appliance purchase is bought with the premise that it is a long-term investment. Of course, your requirements may change over a short span, but for most people, any appliance is bought with the consideration that it should last long. A gas stove is no exception, and purchasing it can be tricky as you must think of several factors to decide the ‘right’ stove. 

Gas stoves are highly sought after in almost all households and are used largely. After all, it is here that most of the cooking takes place and besides being an item of tremendous utility, it must look good too. As with any other appliance, modern gas stove purchases must factor in the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

This is especially so if you have a modern design. Like any other appliance on the block, the gas stove has witnessed a fair amount of evolution over the ages. However, before you jump right into what to factor while making a purchase decision, you should know about a gas stove and what it can do for you. 

What is a Gas Stove? 

A gas stove is essentially a stove that is used for cooking food. It is fuelled by gas that is combustible like natural gas, butane or any other flammable gas. Before the invention of gas stoves, stoves used for cooking and preparing food ran on solid fuels, like wood or coal. Conventional gas stoves have a free-standing body. Basic gas stove models are restricted to simple on and off operations functions. 

However, advanced and modern models come with a range of features to make your cooking requirements customisable. You can get the latest gas stoves in 2, 3 and 4 burner gas stove models to suit your distinctive needs. 

Aside from that, having a gas stove for your kitchen requirement has several other benefits. For example, this cooking appliance requires no tough cleaning because it doesn’t emit particles or smoke that make the stove look old and dirty. Adding a gas stove can also make your kitchen cozy and warm as it provides heat and a great ambiance to the said area. It’s easy and quick to use; all you need to do is light it with the buttons available and regulate the heat easily.

Moreover, because gas stoves are powered by combustible gas like natural gas, you don’t need to consume too much energy, resulting in reduced energy bills in the long run. Besides gas stoves, you may also consider adding appliances run by natural gas and other combustible gases. For example, homeowners renovating should consider natural gas appliances for their kitchen, water heater, and laundry room. Natural gas is much more efficient for heating. Likewise, natural gas rates are low, helping you save on your energy bill.

How to Select the Right Gas Stove

When you want to make an informed decision and select your gas stove, you need a comprehensive checklist of factors to consider while shopping for one. The handy list below should be of some help: 

●      Size Counts: As with all appliances, especially those that may have to fit into generally constrained spaces like kitchens, the size of the gas stove matters. The first thing you should do is measure your kitchen counter, where you want to place your stove. Based on the size that fits, you can plan for the number of burners. 

●      The Build: The appearance of any appliance is vital, and your gas stove should have an aesthetic appeal and be built of robust material. You get to choose from several finishes like totally stainless steel, a steel frame with toughened glass on the top, or a black frame with tempered glass on the top. Best-selling models are the new toughened glass models that look stylish and align with your kitchen decor.

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●      Burners: Gas stove burners have come of age and are a far cry from the typical ones of previous years. You get pressure die-cast alloy ones, forged brass burners and plain brass burners. All have superior quality standards, so you have no worries here. Of course, the number of burners may determine the size of a gas stove, so if you are looking for a 4-burner gas stove, you won’t find a compact model. Furthermore, depending on how you use your gas stove, you may want to space out burners for safe use. This may also have you buying a larger gas stove. 

●      Ignition Style: Several gas stoves are fitted with manual operating knobs that have you using a lighter or a matchstick to light them. This may prove a hassle, and you can get automatic ignition models too. You get a different variety if you select automatic ignition — the single spark ignition or the multi-spark type. The multi-spark is more practical as several sparks appear till the flame is on while the knob is kept pressed. 

●      Gas Stove Knobs: Knobs are typically very durable in modern gas stoves. They permit ease while operating and offer a smooth experience. 

●      Safety Feature: Some gas stove models available today have advanced safety features. One of these popular features is the child-lock safety feature. It prevents your kids from operating a gas stove the wrong way, which could result in accidents or injuries. When you activate this feature, the buttons will stop functioning. Hence, if you have kids at home, having this kind of gas stove can be an excellent option to ensure their safety and that of your property. 

●      Look for an ISI Stamp: If you buy a new gas stove and have a new LPG connection installed, too, your LPG gas dealer will probably insist that the gas stove is BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) approved. Such stoves have an ISI mark on the product itself. You should note that gas stoves built with alloy burners and the automatic ignition feature are not ISI authorised. 

Before purchasing a new gas stove, it is important to keep these factors in mind. Ensure that it fits in the place where you want to install the stove. Next, ensure that you know the type of gas stove you wish to purchase. From its ignition style to its burner type, you have to consider various aspects so that the gas stove lives up to your expectations.

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