modern kitchen

The modern kitchen

the kitchen of tomorrow will be contemporary in style and spatially ergonomic with the best durable furniture that forms the basis of each project. The most desirable modern kitchen designs will reflect what Daval Furniture calls “whole-home interior design schemes,” where the kitchen-living space includes value-added living areas such as a breakfast bar. the house or a utility room/utility room. Optimizing the integration of the kitchen space into our lifestyles will be key this year, says Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director of Daval: “Post-pandemic living will bring a deeper appreciation of the capabilities of bespoke furniture, as well as the introduction of hygienic surfaces and laborious kitchen cupboards such as pantries. From adventurous earth tones to brilliantly bold hues, we’re also getting bolder with color. Ian Penney, Business Unit Manager of Homebase’s Room Solutions, said: “There will be many earth tones as we continue to appreciate the great outdoors, but also bold colors like teal and vibrant accents like pulls. in copper or gold for an upbeat burst of color.These kitchens are sleek and stylish with the finishing touches.There really is something for everyone, especially those looking to make their Pinterest dreams a reality.

New vs simple kitchen

Not all kitchen renovations have to be expensive. Using paint to add a splash of color to walls, cabinet fronts, tiles or shelves is not only practical, it also makes it easy to inject a unique burst of creativity and personality To give you all the modern kitchen inspiration you need, here are the top kitchen trends for 2022. From color and surface choices to finishes and layout, kitchen design your dream kitchen starts here…

The painted kitchen

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Combined with authentic raw materials, lacquered cabinets create a durable kitchen environment that is classic in nature but with a contemporary finish. Wood grain is also visible, adding an element of texture. Ability to update your kitchen without the expense of replacing entire units. British Standard’s design team is seeing an increase in color cabinets in bright, fun tones. As seen here, transformed her hand-painted British Standard kitchen from originally ink-blue cabinets to a cheerful yellow. Read more: How to paint your kitchen cabinets and where to buy the best kitchen cabinet paint

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Storage of everything

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Storage is and will always be a big part of the kitchen space, with a particular focus on hidden storage solutions. Essential for a streamlined finish, storage systems maximize space without compromising the look and style of your kitchen. Ian from Homebase comments: “Storage remains a high priority that is why Homebase are launching storage room cupboards and corner cabinets to assist customers create the foremost of their room space.

Modular furniture

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The broken plan will be the chosen layout and the trendy furnishing solutions combined with modular furniture will become the building blocks of the modern kitchen. trade forecasts indicate that versatile piece of furniture that makes a a lot of versatile home atmosphere can prime the charts in 2022, from constitutional wall and ceiling storage systems to panoptic islands with l area for cooking. Case in point: the sleek and sensible NX510 from next125 room options tall wood veneer doors that open with a tap, then slide effortlessly out of the cabinet sides with a small push.

Home bars

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As we have more fun at home, the modern kitchen needs to accommodate this, so it’s no wonder that built-in bars (whether large or small) are becoming a staple. Davonport’s experienced design team explains, “With restrictions on socializing over the past two years, our homes have evolved from our sanctuary to our primary social and entertainment hub. As a result, the demand for a bar at home or a beverage cabinet in the kitchen has gone up and isn’t trying to go down any time soon.

All glasses

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Glass is on the modern kitchen’s wish list this year. Glass cupboards not solely split the monotony of repetitive solid entry doors, particularly in giant spaces, however additionally maximize the flow of sunshine into darker corners,” says Tom Howley. glass doors are pretty much as good as open shelving once it involves displaying your most prized pieces. Davonport designers say that over the past twelve months glass has been used additional decoratively and dramatically as a backsplash or upstand for open shelving. So, while using free cabinet design software, you are likely to see a rich collection of different types of glass.

Large flagstone tiles

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kitchen, you need a durable floor that also looks good. The choice for 2022? Slabs in slabs. For centuries estates and country houses have used flagstone floors, thanks to their hard-wearing characteristics and classic appearance that has stood the test of time. Now more than ever, people want to create that timeless look in their kitchen by choosing large format paving slabs.

Glazed tiles

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British Standard’s design team have noticed that an increasing number of customers are opting for plain or patterned glazed tiles to create eye-catching sink walls. This rich, glossy depth of color on the glazed tiles provides a great textural contrast to the hand painted beveled wood furniture. Homebase’s Ian Penney says tile is the perfect way to upgrade to a modern kitchen: “If you’re looking for a simpler update, tile is a great option. We’re launching a new range of tiles to suit every style. Fun patterns and bright hues to darker, bolder colors in all shapes and sizes. Tile is a great way to add character to a kitchen, while being versatile, easy to clean and extremely durable. is also very easy!

Delightful display

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Kitchen shelving is reinventing itself for 2022. From modern open shelving to ancient dressers, the trend is back to adorn kitchens with lovely ceramics and glassware,” says mount of room Makers. Open shelving provides house to showcase your styling skills, whereas additionally being an especially sensible storage resolution.

Marbles splashback

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Changing the kitchen back is a great way to revamp your cooking space. Indispensable in the modern kitchen, marble continues to be synonymous with style and elegance. “Sleek, tactile and organic, marble is making a comeback as the most popular choice for backsplashes and work surfaces,” says Adrian of British Standard. Richly veined varieties, like the piece seen in this Streatham kitchen, are a great way to make a statement if you’re not looking to use bold colors or patterns and can be particularly luxurious when paired with lighting and accents. metallic materials.

Green furniture

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Green kitchens still have a moment in 2022. As a color we tend to primarily keep company with nature, this foundation hue has a tremendous method of reconnecting with our surroundings, making moments of calm and positivity,” says Tom Howley, style director at the room company of identical name. Ben Burbidge, CEO of Kitchen Makers, agrees that we will continue to grow the popularity of green finishes: “A positive and versatile color that can be used in deep, saturated tones to give a luxurious look, especially when combined with marble worktops and brass.At the other end of the scale, softer, dusty tones are particularly effective in delivering the ambitious country kitchen look.

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