Dried Flowers Into Your Home Decor

Everyone enjoys seeing flowers around their home; floral accents have been a part of the interior and exterior decorating for centuries. Flowers can add that necessary visual appeal and a pleasant fragrance to our surroundings, and they might be exactly what the space is missing. 

Deciding to decorate with dried flowers can be a great choice as they tend to last longer than fresh ones, while retaining the natural charm so clearly absent in plastic replicas” or “plastic bouquets.” 

dried flowers collection is a handy item to have in your living spaces as it gives your home that inviting appearance. 

Here we will share some creative ways to incorporate dried flowers into your home decor. 

Benefits of Using Dried Flowers as Decor 

  1. The flowers are durable as they do not wilt and the color does not fade. 
  2. You can reuse dried flowers multiple times and in different areas.
  3. You can easily adjust the stalks by either lengthening or shortening them, depending on your requirements. 
  4. Dried flowers come in a variety of colors and shapes. 
  5. You can transport the dried flowers easily as water containers are not needed. 
  6. Dried flowers are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable. 
  7. Dried flowers require little maintenance as they are no longer alive; live flowers require sustenance to remain aesthetically pleasing, and will inevitably wilt no matter how much care they’re given.

Types of Ways You Can Use Dried Flowers to Decorate Your Home

There are many ways to decorate your home using this popular trend, enjoyed the world over. 

Leave The Dried Flowers in Vases

Vases are classical ornaments, displayed in homes across time. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Displaying dried flowers in a vase can have a great effect.

You have many choices with regards to the flowers themselves: will you have a sophisticated bouquet of assorted colors and species, or a bold bunch of a single type? Once you have decided which style of vase you want and have included the dried flowers, you can decide where to place the flower arrangement. 

You can place the vase on a table, shelf, or in the corner of the living space. By leaving vases filled with dried flowers around your home, you give your home that nostalgic, rustic look. 

Decorating your home with vases filled with dried flowers allows you to be creative. But if you find yourself overwhelmed, consider starting with dried pampas grass; it’s a common choice for this technique. 

Leave Dried Flowers in Frames

Frames are a lovely way to decorate your home. You can customize the frames before placing them around your home in any spot you choose. To do so, you can add dried and pressed flowers to the inside of the frames. 

This makes for a charming and unique addition to your home decor. Plus, it’s quite easy, and allows you to preserve flowers from special occasions, like weddings and graduations. 

Framing dried flowers is a wonderful and underused technique. Before placing the dried flower in the frame, glue it on a piece of paper to add more texture to the frame. 

You are then free to display the incredible results anywhere in your home, immediately beautifying any area you placed it in. 

Create a Wreath 

Why not bring nature into your home with a wreath? A wreath is a hanging decor item made of dried flowers. You can easily take some flowers to your special florist and ask them to incorporate the flowers into a wreath. 

You can hang the wreath anywhere in your home for some simple but elegant decor. Hang the wreath on a closet door, the main entrance, or the bedroom. This will give your home an air of charm, making your visitors feel completely welcome. 

When making wreaths, it is sometimes best to use dried roses or lavender as it adds a desirable pop of color. The best part is you can reuse the wreath every year, cutting costs on decoration. 

Using Dried Flowers on Shelves 

Flowers on Shelves 

Why not add dried bouquet flower arrangements to your shelves? You can mix a bundle of dried flowers to create the perfect bouquet according to your own tastes. 

Bouquets are rather traditional, and a fantastic decorating idea as they’re classy but simple at the same time. Once you’ve assembled the bouquet, you’re ready to place it on a shelf.

By incorporating this in your home decor, you liven up your shelves. The bouquet will add color and vibrancy to the area. With this, you can use any flower, be it a flower associated with memories or just a certain type of flower you like. The benefit of using this technique is that you turn an area in your home into the best part of the room. 

There are numerous furniture items in the home where you can place the dried flowers to liven up your decorating. Below you can find a list of these places:

  • A ladder.
  • Hang them from open beams.
  • Hang it on a peg rack. 
  • Place it in a cupboard. 
  • Leave it in a pitcher. 
  • Arrange it in a bucket to display. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dried flower designs can improve your home’s decor in many ways. Instead of throwing flowers away that are all dried up, try one of the techniques mentioned above, and bring life to the flowers again. 

To decide on a design, you need to consider the different types of flowers you want to use. Once you decide on the flower, the best part is that you can use them anywhere in your home. The dried-up flowers will last a long time and add that beautiful element to your home.

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