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Planning to decorate your home for Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of the holidays. You get to choose from an unending selection of adornments, ornaments, motifs and flex your creative muscle by making your own.

There are a few staples that pay homage to tradition while taking on a modern appeal. These are the trends that are becoming the new classics and are easy to incorporate into your next Christmas décor. Read on to check out the must-have Christmas decorations to add to your home.

1. Inflatable Christmas Characters

Having the classic Christmas-themed characters can delight children and onlookers while giving your home a traditional feel. The likes of Santa’s helpers, gnomes, angels, and snowmen as clay statues and smaller table ornaments have adorned backyards and family living rooms for generations.

But if you want to go for a modern spin on the classic this time, opt for Christmas inflatables instead of clay sculptures since they last long and can turn your garden into a magical playground.

In fact, many inflatable Santas and reindeers can be as large as 13 feet tall, featuring props for each character. These props include Santa in his toy train, elves holding presents, and a gingerbread man surrounded by ornamental baubles.

Inflatable characters do require some work to set up, though, as they need to be steaked to the ground for anchorage and remain plugged into an outlet. But once done, they become an unmissable Christmas yard decoration that spreads holiday cheer.

2. White Window Decals

Window decals were once overlooked, apart from garlands framing the sides. Now, they’re a go-to staple for decorating any shiny, reflective surface in your house on Christmas. These stickers that many would recognize from store fronts can be stuck onto mirrors, fridges, windows, and glass ornaments.

White vinyl decals, in particular, can make your home windows look ethereal, sleek, and remarkable since they take on the silhouetted shapes of forests, snowflakes, and reindeer. The best part is that the decals are double sided, so they can be viewed from both outside and inside the house. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about any residue, as they can easily be peeled off with no marks left behind.

3. Wooden Candleholders 

Wooden candleholders have become popular for cabin-style homes with rustic-themed Christmas decorations. They usually come in a set of two or more, resembling tree stumps. They’re made for tea light candles that evoke a woodsy magical forest aura when surrounded by a Christmas garland. Most are used as table or windowsill ornaments, but there are wooden holders large enough to be centerpieces.

Furthermore, candle holders are DIY-friendly and thus can be recreated using carved wooden blocks and shapes from a crafts store. They can also be engraved with personalized messages or painted into the red, white, and green Christmas colors.

4. Colorful Light Balls

Christmas Decorations

There are many unique ways to incorporate fun and bright colors into your Christmas décor. Colorful light balls are the modern take on traditional fairy lights, as their LED create an ombre of different revolving multi-flash light colors for an enchanting display. Each ball can be scattered around your yard to light up the entire outdoor area. What’s more, they can be tied to your Christmas tree or hung outside in the garden for spectators to marvel at.

You can choose from the small light balls to accompany the bauble ornaments around your house or the giant-balloon-like light balls that are bunched together in a bouquet and placed on a garden tree. If you want a more elegant and muted light experience, there are single toned light balls that glow in beautiful gold.

5. Christmas Tree Ribbons

If you and your kids have outgrown the tinsel tree wrap around, you can use Christmas tree ribbons as an alternative. These charming oversized ribbons come in a variety of patterns and colors that resemble candy canes and elf uniforms.

Some are simply ivory with a single pearl in the center for a more modern and chicer Christmas tree look. They also come in either the traditional bow ribbon ties or cascade down your tree as lovely string. Any extra ribbons post-tree decorating can be tied to your staircase or front door.


All these must-have Christmas decorations that you can add to your home are items that are traditional with a modern twist, simple to make with crafts, and accessible online.

Yard ornaments get bigger and spectacular with Christmas inflatables and light balls. Your living room will surely make an impression with ribboned Christmas tree while your windows and sills charm your household with striking decals and themed candleholders.

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