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Home Wine Cellar Restoration? Are you a homeowner looking for wine cellar restoration services? This blog is just for you. Before I begin with how professionals do it, let me issue a warning. Do not make the mistake of restoring a wine cellar on your own. Many have made this mistake in the effort of saving a few bucks but have lost thousands of dollars worth of wine due to the failure of restoring the unit properly. Many professional wine cellar builders will restore your unit to its original shape and condition.

home wine cellar restoration

It is necessary to keep a constant check on your wine cellar so that nothing goes amiss in taking proper care of it. It is not wrong to say that a wine cellar is a homeowner’s prized possession. This is the unit that they show off anytime someone comes to visit. Guests are thoroughly impressed with the good quality designs of such wine cellars. But only using the wine cellar to show off to your guests and not taking proper care of it will not result in any good. Over time you will notice that your expensive wine collection is slowly getting destroyed due to improper maintenance.

Hiring professional help when you see issues in your cellar is the best way to keep them new. They will reinstall proper cooling and functioning units in the wine cellar chambers to ensure restoration of not only your unit but also the wine. Don’t worry they will use top-quality materials and products to take proper care of your units.

Want to know more about how professionals take care of your home wine cellar? Read on below!

Restoring Home Wine Cellars by Professionals

home wine cellar restoration

Makes Sure Your Cellars Have Ambient Temperature and Proper Clearance

Most custom wine cellars in Houston require some kind of clearance and minimum or maximum temperature levels. Some wine cellars are built in ‘zero clearance’ while others might require an inch or more depending upon the model and the size of the unit installed. A professional wine cellar restoration process makes sure that the temperatures are in control. Both the maximum and minimum temperatures need to get adjusted with the wine cooler. When you hire trustworthy wine cellar experts they make the changes in your cooling units with high-quality products. This ensures the safety of your wine and also the longevity and efficiency of the working of your wine cellar.

Changing Filters and Cleaning Drip Trays

Most wine cellars come with a charcoal filter. These filters are installed inside the modern wine cellar to ensure that the atmosphere remains clean and hygienic. Also in some cases, these filters help to trap air that enters into the cellar so that your wine is not destroyed. If in case, too much air is filling the cellar ko, it leads to undesired humidity and moisture. And wine cellar owners dread humidity and moisture levels because it leads to the uncontrollable growth of molds and other fungi. Needless to say, if you don’t get help right, your previous not to say expensive wine will see early destruction.

Usually, filters are good to go for a year and so (check with your builders) and it depends upon the temperature and humidity levels of your wine cellar area. While planning for a home wine room idea, discuss with your builder the temperature and humidity issues of the area. It will help in managing later restoration issues then.

Coming back to the filters and drip trays, professional builders who offer home wine cellar ideas for restoration will fix the humidity and temperature issues with electrical units and also collect all the excess moisture stuck in your drip tray.

Keeping Out Mold and Mildew

Not necessarily but wine cellars are bound to keep the cork moist. This can grow mold and mildew and sometimes even dangerous fungi. Wiping the interiors of your cellar might work but not for a long time. You must clean these dangerous fungi by calling professional help like Wine Cellars of Houston. After all, it’s better to safe than sorry, right?

Keeping all these points in mind, call for help whenever you feel that your wine cellar requires restoration. DIYs are not the way out. Get professionals to keep your wine cellar just as good as new!

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