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Water is a vital resource. People drink it and use it for showers, as well as other chores like washing the dishes, and doing the laundry. In short, humans simply can’t live without it. 

In general, you probably get your water from a municipal reservoir to ensure a constant water supply. However, even the most reliable water reservoir will experience water interruption every now and then. In this case, a water tank can be an excellent alternative water source. 

Lucky you for this post shares the basics of a water tank and several reasons to have one on your property. Carry on reading to gain more insights. 

Water Tank: What Is It And How Does It Work

Water tanks are simply water storage used in collecting and storing water for later use. Manufacturers and suppliers like The Tank Factory offer water tanks in all sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations. 

Today, water tanks are an integral part of most household water systems, from smaller, five-gallon reverse osmosis tanks stored under your sink to massive hundred-gallon well pressure tanks mostly used by municipal local reservoirs. 

So, how does it work exactly? Water is pumped into the tank from a water source, for instance, a reverse osmosis system or a well. The tank will collect water until it’s full. When you turn on your faucets or shower, water is carried from the tank, providing you with fresh water on demand.

5 Benefits Of Installing A Water Tank

In the past, water tanks were only seen in homes and properties in rural areas. But water tanks have increasingly become common in houses in urban areas over the years due to their numerous benefits, which include:

  1. It Ensures Stable Water Supply

The biggest benefit of installing a water tank is to prevent water supply interruption.

In general, several factors can cause water shortages or interruptions, such as climate change or disasters that may have damaged the local water reservoirs (which can sometimes lead the government to impose water supply restrictions). This can be problematic for your household. 

Yet installing a water tank on your property means you don’t have to worry about being without water. Depending on the tank size you have, and how much water you use, you can have emergency water supply for days until the interruption is resolved. 

  1. It Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes 

Like your regular water supply from the municipal reservoir, water from your storage tanks can be used for a variety of applications and functions. You can use it to:

  • Flush the toilet;
  • Showering and bathing;
  • Washing the dishes;
  • Brushing your teeth;
  • Drinking water;
  • Doing the laundry;
  • Watering your garden;
  • Performing interior and exterior cleaning; and
  • Emergency fire suppression.

If you’re thinking twice of drinking water from your tank, you can always install a water filtration system to ensure safe drinking water. Installing a water tank at home can help with various tasks without relying entirely on your area’s water supply.

  1. It Saves Money

The cost of a water tank and its installation can be expensive at first. But don’t look at these as expenses but rather an investment that can help save you more money in the long term. 

The cost of living is constantly increasing every day and your water bill is no exception. Nonetheless, a water tank can help lower your monthly water bill. 

The water tank collects rainwater from a well, which you can use for free for your household needs instead of sourcing from your local water supply provider. It reduces your reliance on the local water supply and thereby saves cost on water bills. While it may be costly upfront, it’s said that a water tank will pay for itself as you continue to use it.

  1. It’s Sustainable And Eco-Friendly

Water is a valuable, yet easily depleted resource. Protecting it is vital to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. 

By using a water tank, you can help in the conservation of water and reduces water demand from your local municipality. It allows you to use fewer resources while making use of the water that’s freely available to you–the rain. With a water tank, you can collect 1litre of water for every 1mm of rain falling on a 1sqm of land.

  1. It Increases Property Value

Installing a water tank is a great strategy to boost your property value. Water tanks make properties more attractive and valuable since it provides the house with a stable water supply, particularly if you live in an area with frequent water shortages. 


As you can see, installing a water tank is an innovative and financially wise investment. Not only does it ensure a stable water supply all year round, but it also comes with significant benefits like the ones mentioned above. If you don’t have a water tank, installing one is not too late. Contact a local provider and have it installed right away. 

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