Turn Your Yard Into An Oasis

Your home’s backyard is essential for your household members to breathe fresh air, unwind, destress, or take a break from technology. It’s necessary to make it a habit as a family to spend time outside and simply enjoy the moment together. With this purpose in mind, it’s imperative to transform your outdoor into a relaxing place, perhaps mimicking your favorite vacation spot.  

By simply sprucing your backyard and implementing doable steps to elevate its design and features, you’ll be on your way to creating an inviting outdoor atmosphere. While you can rely on your creative juices to come up with unique designs, you may also reach out to the pros like Gardening Sydney Designs and other reputable landscape artists in your area. Nothing feels better than going home and spending a few minutes or hours of your daily life to relax and rejuvenate your tired body and mind. A backyard is capable of removing all your stresses away.  

Thus, simply follow through the ways to turn your yard into a beautiful oasis:  

  1. Incorporate Water Features  

Water has always been therapeutic. Even the sound of water flowing from the waterfall, river, or any other body of water can relieve your worries away. Without having to fly and travel to long-distance places, you can hear that sound of water flowing in your own backyard. Relaxation and peace are fostered by adding a landscape water feature. In addition to calming the mind, flowing water also rejuvenates the spirit.   

The key to selecting the best landscape water feature for your backyard is to listen to the flowing water’s sound. Ensure that it’s spa-like and works as white noise in the background. Get the right water feature size that fits the size of your outdoors too.   

Aside from the benefits mentioned, water features also add more value to your home. Potential homebuyers are more likely to be attracted to a home with water features as part of the landscaping. You may consider adding fountains, miniature brooks, or ceramic water feature decor and making it the focal point of your backyard.  

  1. Plant Some Flowers  

Adding colorful flowers to your backyard oasis will make it look more vibrant and alive. It attracts wildlife and makes your home look more nature-like. Depending on the theme, try to plant flowers with colors that complement your home’s color palette. Go for white and neutral shades of flowers if you want to follow a minimalistic garden feel. You may also plant flowers because of their meaning and what they symbolize.  

Thus, you can make your outdoors seem like an oasis with the beautiful colors that flowers provide, as well as their natural fragrance. Include brightly colored annuals, flowering vines, or tropical flowers in your yard to create the feeling of a tropical paradise. You can create a vertical garden full of orchids if you’re running low in space. You may also consider building a square garden or display pots to make your flowers look more organized and easier to care for.   

Turn Your Yard Into An Oasis
  1. Add Comfortable Outdoor Furniture  

Comfort is one crucial element in attracting people to lounge in your yard. You need a place for your family to relax in your backyard if you want it to be an oasis indeed. And this simply means you need to invest in comfortable outdoor furniture. Try to add more seats in the yard. Find the best furniture that is weather-resistant, sturdy, and complements your outdoor theme.   

You can even consider hanging a hammock if you have trees and larger plants. Shop around many furniture shops, and you might get the best deal on outdoor furniture perfect for your yard. Prioritize quality and design, and don’t forget to stick to your budget.   

  1. Don’t Forget Lighting  

Adding outdoor lighting to your space will make it a spacious resort. And having an oasis at home should mean you can spend time there at any time of the day, even at night. It means you need to light it up during the evenings. Fortunately, there are many lighting fixtures and designs to choose from to create a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Lighting along walkways can provide an elegant ambience. And by using outdoor lighting, a beautiful outdoor oasis can be created in your yard at night.  

Consider hanging string lights, pendant lights, floodlights, and other outdoor lights that elevate your outdoor space even more. A good task lighting system is necessary for outdoor kitchens if you have one. Don’t forget to install lighting on the stairs and especially the driveway. Make your backyard getaway magical after dark with a mix of lighting sources.  


Contrary to what you expect, creating a backyard oasis is easier than ever. With all the valuable tips mentioned above, you can perform these projects gradually by yourself or hire a garden architect to assist you through. Don’t forget to customize your backyard according to your preferences, needs, and tastes. And by doing so, you can achieve a fabulous and relaxing oasis in your yard in no time.  

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