Doors serve as the home’s barrier that provides privacy and security to a household. Also, your front door is an essential element of your home as it serves as the main entrance and exit point of your living space. Given its significance, it’s crucial to give your exterior door proper care and maintenance to protect its visual appeal and functionality. 

However, exterior doors are constantly exposed to the elements like the harsh American weather, making them vulnerable to damage. Moreover, they’re also susceptible to wear due to frequent household use. In case of structural damage or degradation, it’s essential to get exterior doors fixed or replaced to avoid putting the home’s safety, security, and comfort at risk. 

As a homeowner, you have various options to choose from for exterior door replacement. For instance, if you’re in Virginia, you can search for door replacement Ashburn companies to see their vast array of door design and material selections. You can also get an initial assessment and quotation to help you decide which type of door will suit your household’s needs and preferences. 

If you’d like to know if your exterior doors need immediate replacement, here are some tell-tale signs you need to replace your doors right away: 

  1. Restricted Movement 

One of the earliest signs of door damage is restricted movement. If your front door is difficult to open or close, it could be due to broken hinges, a damaged door frame, or damage to the door structure. While some doors that are difficult to move can still be repaired, many homeowners find it more cost-effective to get a replacement instead. In such cases, having a door replacement may cost more, though the quality and longevity of the door are significantly improved. 

  1. Unusual Noise 

When you hear creaking noises as you open or close the door, it may be a sign of damage both on the hinges and the structure. Door hinges are prone to wear due to constant movement, and the structure can also be damaged due to misuse. Commonly, having worn-down hinges is also a sign that the door may be in poor condition. Thus, it’s essential to have your door checked when you hear unusual noises. This way, you’ll be able to avoid inconveniences and prevent accidents. 

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  1. Visible Damage 

Your front door is one of the first parts of your house that gets an observer’s attention, and any visible signs of damage can take away from the aesthetic appeal of your exterior. Hence, you can consider getting a door replacement if you notice significant damage to your door’s surface and structure. 

Aside from its negative impact on your home’s visual quality, having a visibly damaged front door may threaten your privacy and safety. It can attract unwanted attention from outsiders and intruders, so it’s vital to get a broken door fixed or replaced as soon as possible. 

  1. Noticeable Changes In Indoor Temperature 

Having a well-insulated and structurally-sound front door is essential in regulating the temperature in your home. It must be free from any damage and well-insulated to maintain the temperature indoors and keep the heat or cold out. Hence, if you notice drafts coming in from your front door, it may signify that you need an immediate replacement. It’s one of the signs you need to replace your doors right away.

Drafts may come from open spaces between the door and its frame due to wear and tear to the structure. When the light comes through under, over, or around your door frame, you’ll notice these spaces. Then, you’ll also feel noticeable differences in temperature between the inner areas around your house and certain spots close to your exterior. 

To resolve this, you can consider replacing your old door with an energy-efficient type, which can help you minimize power consumption. These doors provide sufficient insulation and other features to help you better regulate indoor temperature while lowering your electric bill. 

Replace Your Doors
  1. Advanced Infestation 

Front doors are also susceptible to insect infestation, and they may be beyond repair once the situation becomes noticeable. Aside from the damage that infestations cause to the door’s structure, it can also pose a health and safety risk for the home if left unfixed. Henceforth, you’ll need to get a door replacement immediately if you see visible signs of advanced infestation in your exterior door. 


Your front door is a valuable element in your household that helps keep your interior comfortable, safe, and secure. It also significantly influences your home’s visual appeal and overall functionality. Given its importance, you’ll need to provide proper care and maintenance to your front door to keep your home intact and functional. Yet it may be best to explore door replacement options right away to minimize risk and inconvenience in case of severe damage. 

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