Fabric Beds

What do you look forward to the most after a long tiring day? Your bed, isn’t it? The bedroom is undoubtedly the favourite room in the house for most people. It is where you begin and end every day and recharge for the next day.

This is reason enough for your bed to be luxurious and heavenly. A fabric bed is ideal for serving this purpose. With a soft and cosy bed such as this one, you will long for bedtime every day.

Continue reading this article and learn more about fabric beds and how to care for them.

Benefits of Fabric Beds

Unparalleled Comfort

Furniture covered with fabric is pleasing to the eyes. Apart from the aesthetics, the bed is also inviting and cosy. The moment you lay your eyes on a fabric bed, you will be drawn to relax on it. Not all beds possess this inviting quality.

Combining a soft mattress, soft headboard, and bed frame will provide unparalleled comfort and heavenly peace.


Beautiful fabrics can add class and enhance the style of fabric beds. Given the variety of styles these beds come in, they fit everybody’s tastes. You will find them in various styles, from boho to contemporary and even traditional.

Besides, there are also multiple options for fabrics and colours to choose from. You can select the best combination that works with your bedroom’s interiors. Moreover, you can mix and match to make the perfect combination for your room. 


The fabric used in the upholstery is made of excellent quality. Therefore, it has a high endurance threshold and cannot be damaged or torn easily. Fabric beds are genuinely durable and last for a very long time.


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There is a wide variety of fabric styles, colours, and prints that you can choose from. Thus, fabric beds are easily customisable as compared to ready-made beds. There is no need to restrict your options when you can style them to your liking. You can take advantage of the luxury of choice offered and customise them as per your preference.

Maintenance Tips

Take a look at a few pointers to maintain the longevity of fabric beds.

Select the Right Fabric

Selecting the suitable fabric requires more than just selecting the right colour. You need to consider the maintenance requirements of the fabric.

If you or your family members are allergic, opt for hypoallergenic microfibre fabric.

Protect From Spills

Keep that glass of wine away from the bed if you do not want any stains. Nobody likes stains on their beautiful fabric beds. You must keep food and drinks away from the bed.

You can also use a fabric protector to prevent stains. However, remember that it is not stain-proof.

Clean Regularly

Like your bed sheets and pillowcases, your fabric bed also needs to be cleaned. Over time, your hair, sweat, and dust accumulate on the fabric. Therefore, the dirty fabric bed must be cleaned.

Follow the washing instructions for the fabric for the best results.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

While you love some natural light filling your living space, it may not suit fabric beds. Sunlight makes any room appear spacious. However, prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays can fade the fabric.

Treat Fabric Beds Properly

It all boils down to treating your bed right to maintain it for longer. While it may be tempting to eat comfortably in bed, it increases the risks of stains.

Wrapping Up

Fabric beds are truly a versatile option and an excellent choice for everybody. Even if you are looking for an economical option, you will find multiple varieties available for these beds.

Remember to follow the maintenance tips, and you will enjoy their luxury for a long time.

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