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There is nothing more annoying than a garage door not opening, especially when you are in a rush or about to go to sleep. Ignoring the problem can be risky, knowing that anybody can break in any time you are not around. Unfortunately, fixing it can also take a few days if the problem is major. 

The reasons why your garage door is not opening are plenty, but there are ways to eliminate some of them and find the source of the problem. You can always try to find a faulty part yourself or address this issue with a professional offering repair services

Before we list potential reasons why your garage door is stuck, we’d like to remind you to regularly service your door to avoid the same issues in the future.

Malfunctioning Photo-Eye 

One of the main problems your garage door isn’t opening can be a malfunctioning photo-eye. A photo-eye is composed of two sensors where one sends a signal to another one. It is located about 5 inches off the ground and prevents a door from closing when there is someone standing under it. This is a common problem for garage doors manufactured in the early 90s. 

The photo-eye can be working improperly due to a few reasons. The sensor can be blocked by an object, preventing it from sending a signal. Simply, taking an object off the beam should fix the issue. Another source of the problem can be dirt on a sensor, so cleaning it should do the trick. Lastly, the photo-eye can be misaligned. If you have a problem aligning it back, it is better to hire a professional. 

Malfunctioning Remote Transmitter 

If the operator works properly, it is worth checking the remote transmitter. Both devices – an operator and a remote transmitter – have to work together to open a garage door. There is a high chance that your remote transmitter is out of power due to expired batteries. 

To confirm this, you should manually locate a transmission receiver in your garage and push the button. If the door activates, then it is the transmission remote that is faulty. 

The solution here is fairly simple. All you need to do is to replace the batteries, and your garage door should have no problem opening smoothly next time. 

No Power Source to the Garage Door Operator

One of the reasons your garage door doesn’t open is because the operator has no power connection. It can be easily fixed if you accidentally unplug the power cord. However, if there is a blown fuse or circuit breaker, the problem is considered serious. Don’t try to fix it yourself – instead, hire a professional to handle the problem. 

When hiring a professional service, make sure to ask them to find the source of the problem. Sometimes, it can be a faulty outlet. You can try to check it yourself by plugging in any device, and if it doesn’t work, then the outlet is to blame. 

Snapped Cables 

Snapped cables should only be handled by a professional. It is better not to try to fix it yourself in order not to damage your garage door further. The cable can snap due to a broken torsion spring. A broken spring is easily identifiable; you only need to check it in your garage. If the spring is cracked in half, then there are high chances of snapped cable, too. 

A torsion spring is responsible for lifting your garage door. This means that whatever you do to open the garage door, it won’t work. Lifting the garage door yourself is extremely difficult and dangerous – leaving this work to professionals is better. Therefore, professional repair services are well-equipped to fix the problem. 

Wrongly Adjusted Sensitivity 

Misadjusted sensitivity is a widespread problem in newly installed garage doors. The sensitivity feature allows an opener to know how much power is used to move the door. For example, if you have a heavy door but your sensitivity is weak, the power an operator gives is simply not enough to pull the door up. 

To adjust the sensitivity suitable for your garage door, you should contact a repair professional to help you fix the problem. 

Garage Door Has Come Off Tracks

To open and close the garage door, it needs an opener to send the power, cables to lift the door, and springs to handle the tension, along with one essential part – tracks. If the tracks are misaligned, the garage door cannot be opened. Even if one of the tracks is slightly uneven, the door might still not open properly. 

If you notice that the tracks are ajar, do not ignore this problem. Eventually, your garage door may slow down in movement, start working loud and noisy and may break down. 

Yet again, you should hire a specialist to align the tracks as it can be impossible to do it yourself. 

Something Is Blocking the Tracks 

The garage door’s system is designed in a way that it wouldn’t close or open if something is blocking its way. This is a safety feature that is definitely useful to have, especially if you have kids around. 

Sometimes the reason why your garage door won’t open is because of something blocking the tracks or a photo-eye. If there is nothing covering the photo-eye beam, it is worth checking the tracks. 

You may discover dirt, leaves, or even trash stuck in one of the tracks that force the garage door to reverse. Cleaning the obstacles should fix the problem and allow your door to slide smoothly. 

Final Word

The reasons your garage door won’t open are plenty, it can be a dead battery, an obstacle stuck in the tracks, or something more serious like a burned circuit. If the problem is minor and requires minimum work from you, you shouldn’t have problems fixing your garage door. However, if it requires changing the fuse, aligning tracks, or lifting the door – hire a repair specialist.

Once you find a solution to your problem, make sure to have your door serviced once in a while to extend its lifespan. There are also things you can do yourself, for example, lubricating and cleaning the tracks, lubricating the springs and rollers, etc. 

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