diy tree collar

DIY tree collar: Your holiday spending on Christmas decorations shouldn’t break the bank. To help you save money while still giving your Christmas tree a festive look, here are some brilliant DIY tree collar ideas. You can go the traditional route with a tree collar made of galvanised metal that is fashioned from an affordable metal bucket, or you can go more creative with a wicker tree collar that is fashioned from a woven basket.

You could also use sticky wallpaper or shelf liner to transform a cardboard box that you already have laying around your home into a festive Christmas tree collar. We’ll walk you through the simple steps involved in making your very own homemade tree collar. Your Christmas tree will have a more festive appearance after adding any one of these three easy DIY tree collars.

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How to Assemble a Collar for a Christmas Tree.

diy tree collar

Instructions in a Sequence of Steps

If you want to construct your own Christmas tree collar, all you have to do is follow these easy how-to instructions. Less than a half-hour is all that is required to finish any one of the three holiday tree collar designs.

Collar Made of Galvanized Steel for the Christmas Tree

diy tree collar

First, take some measurements of the tree stand.

Take some measurements of the bottom of your tree stand. Make sure that you are using a metal bucket that has a base that is wider than the area of your tree stand that is the widest. When the bucket is inverted, this will ensure that it can fit over the tree stand without any problems.

Step 2: Drill Hole.

Put on some safety glasses and construction gloves, both of which can be purchased for two dollars at The Home Depot. Turn the bucket over so that the bottom is now facing up. We recommend the 17-gallon galvanised utility tub that can be purchased for $23 from The Home Depot. Start by drilling a hole with a bit that is designed to cut through metal.

The third step is to cut the perimeter.

Please ensure that you are protecting both your eyes and hands by continuing to wear safety glasses and construction gloves during this stage. Make cuts with a jigsaw all the way around the circumference of the base of the bucket. Take off the bottom part.

Fourth, smooth off the edges.

You will need to make the border of the perimeter smooth because it is going to be rough. Make sure that your construction gloves and goggles are worn at all times. Use a metal file to make the collar of the metal Christmas tree as smooth as possible, and then wipe it off with a tack cloth to remove any residue.

Collar made of Wicker Tree.

First, take some measurements of the tree stand.

Get a basket that has a base that is a few inches wider than the diameter of your tree stand by first measuring the diameter of your tree stand. In addition, you should determine the height of the tree stand to ensure that the basket has sufficient depth.

The second step is to cut and remove the bottom.

To fill your basket, you will need to invert it so that the bottom is facing up. Make incisions all the way around the rim of the hoop using a box cutter. Remove the bottom of the wicker tree collar after you have sliced all of the sides of the collar. You can choose to leave any metal braces that are present in the mouth alone.

Collar like a wood crate made of faux wood.

diy tree collar

First, take some measurements of the tree stand.

Achieve the look of a collar made out of Christmas tree wood! Take into account the diameter of your tree stand when selecting a cardboard box to ensure that it will wrap around the entire circumference of the stand. You should also determine the height of your tree stand to determine whether or not the box has sufficient depth.

Step 2: Make Cuts in the Box

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Remove the top of your cardboard box if it still has one by slicing it off with a box cutter. After that, cut it and take the bottom off. After completing this step, you should have a box that is open on both the top and the bottom.

Step 3: Determine the size of the liner and cut it.

Wood-look shelf liner (we recommend this Natural Oak Shelf Liner, $9, Lowe’s) or adhesive wallpaper can be measured with a ruler or measuring tape to ensure that it will cover all four sides of your box. The tape measure can be purchased at The Home Depot for $3. On the reverse side of the liner, use a pencil to make markings using your measurements. Make cuts that are perfectly straight by following the marks you made with a craft knife.

Attach the Liner to the Box is the fourth step.

Take off the backing from the shelf liner or adhesive wallpaper that you are using. Be careful not to let any air bubbles form when you are wrapping the box. If you need to, cut out handles to finish off the collar of your Christmas tree box.

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